Modern material procurement for contractors

Say goodbye to manual material tracking and hello to a more streamlined and efficient process with Tudu.


Simplify your procurement process.

Our procurement software is designed to help you streamline your procurement process, from requisition to delivery to reconciliation.

Streamline requests

Streamline purchase requisition in the field by submitting requests with our mobile app.

Built-in RFQs and PO generation

Automate quote requests, sending purchase orders and triggering release requests, eliminating need for 75% of manual input.

Issue tracking

Automatically track and resolve issues with suppliers, including late deliveries, incorrect invoices and more.


Automatically match deliveries to purchase orders, eliminating manual data entry.

Software Integrations

Use Tudu alongside your existing construction software to further streamline your work.

Reporting and analytics

Get actionable insights by analyzing your procurement process and comparing vendors with our reporting and analytics tools.

Mobile App

Mobile material requests

Capture building material expenses, manage deliveries, and create material requests from the field using our mobile app. Maximize the benefits of digital procurement management to improve your material costs by utilizing comprehensive data in the project and building stages.

Request materials.
Search through the project’s material list and request more materials from the field. If the material doesn't exist, you can add it to the project's material list.
Order delivery validation.
Intake deliveries on-site, record images of delivery tickets, and track any delivery issues.
Time sensitive notifications.
Recieve real-time notifications of upcoming deliveries and order pick-ups.
Tudu mobile app

Cost Savings

Start saving with Tudu

Calulate how much you can save by integrating Tudu into your procurement process.

"At my company and former companies, we have always had new hires fully dedicated to tracking material using Excel and emails."

Keith BrettMidwest Market Manager

Integrate with your favorite construction software.

Connect your ERP, Project Management and Accounting software of choice with Tudu for a seamless materials procurement and project management experience.

Autodesk BIM 360

Ready to take off?Increase your margins today.

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Product screenshot